Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is ability to manage and control one’s own emotions and emotion of people surrounding us to arrive at mature decisions. Emotional intelligence makes a public servant more effective, efficient and sensitive leader.
Since a public servant needs to deal and engage with large number of people on daily basis, emotional intelligence is necessary for every public servant. 
1. The EI equip him with maturing in coordinating and collaborating with others
2. It helps in resolving disputes and differences. 
3. It helps in ensuring optimal output from team members (government machinery) and maintaining harmony among them 
4. It helps in handling the issues in sensitive and considered manner without getting provoked by public anger and protests.
Based on public opinion and person experience, it can be said that most public servants in India lack emotional intelligence. This is manifested in insensitive public comments on women, treating general public with derision, inefficient working, and infighting among various organs of government and their inability or
unwillingness to address public grievances.

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