Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Trains

The Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu while presenting Railway Budget 2016-17 in Parliament today proposed to introduce the Antyodaya Express, a long-distance, fully unreserved, superfast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes. He also said that two to four Deen Dayalu coaches will be added in some long distance trains for unreserved travel to enhance the carrying capacity. These coaches will also have facility for potable  water and a higher number of mobile charging points.

Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said that Humsafar and Tejas will ensure cost recovery by way of tariff and non-tariff measures. Humsafar would be fully air-conditioned third AC service with an optional service for meals.  Tejas, on the other hand will showcase the future of train travel in India. Operating at speeds of 130 kmph and above, it will offer onboard services such as entertainment, local cuisine, Wi-Fi, etc. through one service provider for ensuring accountability and improved customer satisfaction. He said that overnight double-decker, Utkrisht Double-Decker Air-conditioned Yatri (UDAY) Express will be introduced on the busiest routes, which has the potential to increase carrying capacity by almost 40%.

    Humsafar: For the middle class

  • The Humsafar, which will focus on India's middle-class travellers, will be an exclusively three-tiered AC train with optional meals.
  • Tejas: For those in a hurry
  • This will be India's answer to the Bullet train, achieving speeds ranging up to 130 km per hour with quality onboard facilities.
  • Uday (Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri ): For those travelling on busy routes
  • The double-decker Uday trains have been introduced with the intention of increasing passenger capacity in railway services on busy routes. These trains will run overnight, connecting major cities across the country.
  • Antyodaya: For the economically backward
  • These superfast trains, which will have only unreserved coaches, will focus on transporting the common man in a time-bound manner without burning a hole in his pocket

ये वो सहर तो नहीं | फ़ैज़

"ये दाग़-दाग़ उज़ाला, ये शब गज़ीदा सहर
वो इन्तज़ार था जिसका, ये वो सहर तो नहीं
ये वो सहर तो नहीं कि जिसकी आरज़ू लेकर
चले थे यार कि मिल जायेगी कहीं न कहीं
फ़लक के दश्त में तारों की आखिरी मंज़िल
कहीं तो होगा शब-ए-सुस्त मौज का साहिल
कहीं तो जाके रुकेगा सफ़ीना-ए-ग़म-ए-दिल
जवाँ लहू की पुरअसरार शाहराहों में
चले जो यार तो दामन पे कितने दाग़ पड़े
पुकारती रहीं बाहें, बदन बुलाते रहे
बहुत अज़ीज़ थी लेकिन रुखे सहर की लगन
बहुत करीं था हसीना-ए-नूर का दामन
सुबुक सुबुक थी तमन्ना, दबी-दबी थी थकन
सुना है हो भी चुका है फ़िराके ज़ुल्मत-ओ-नूर
सुना है हो भी चुका है विसाले-मंज़िल-ओ-गाम
बदल चुका है बहुत अहले दर्द का दस्तूर
निशाते-वस्ल हलाल-ओ-अज़ाबे-हिज़्र हराम
जिगर की आग, नज़र की उमंग, दिल की जलन
किसी पे चारा-ए-हिज़्रां का कुछ असर ही नहीं
कहां से आयी निग़ारे-सबा किधर को गयी
अभी चिराग़े-सरे-रह को कुछ खबर ही नहीं
अभी गरानी-ए-शब में कमी नहीं आयी
निज़ाते-दीदा-ओ-दिल की घड़ी नहीं आयी
चले चलो कि वो मंज़िल अभी नहीं आयी." - फ़ैज़