Friday, March 25, 2016

It is said that rising antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat to economic growth. Examine why. 

Increasing resistance of anti-microbial is a concern for health sector for countries. But another major of concern is it's project adverse impact on economy in following way-
a) Economic productivity of demographic dividend- It will hamper the quality and quantity of workforce. especially, in case of India, where demographic dividend is an advantages, increasing anti- microbial resistance is a major source of concern.e.g Tuberculosis can affect Indian youth severely.
b) Increasing health burden on Public- Resistance to anti-microbial will severely affect the health and budget of poor and vulnerable people, it will not only decrease their wage hours but also increase the unproductive expenditure on health. This may be a set back for poverty alleviation programs by govt.
c) Govt and Institutional expenditure- R&D has to be increased on development of new medicines, hospital costs will be increased and whole medical infrastructure and network has to be strengthen to deal with coming crisis, it will demand lot of resources, which could be used for more productive purpose like education.
Anti-microbial were like a revolution in health and economy sector, but their resistance can proved to be catastrophic also, Govt should take every possible step to deal with it from R&D in new drugs to awareness among people about anti-microbial usages.