Thursday, April 16, 2015

5 Foods

I am not a foodie so choosing 'five foods' is more related to emotional attachment to food/place than just taste. A hosteller from age of 10, most of the time I eat in restaurants, messes, canteens, Dhabas or tiffins centers. Mostly similar tasteless food. 

Here is my list of five favourite foods.

1. Different type of Dosas: First time I tasted different types of Dosas at a Thelewala in Mysore, He had 45 varieties of Dosas, including pav-bhaji, chilli-chicken and many. 

Recently, here in Indore, we went to a restaurant called 'Idly House' has even more varieties of Dosa and Utpam. We ordered Chilli-Paneer Dosa and Cheese-Corn Dosa and both were delicious. Another thing Cheese-burst Utpam was tasting similar to a pizza in very own South Indian flavour.

Mysore Butter Masala Dosa is my another favourite.

2. Continental Food: I Madhya Pradesh, its tough to get continental food but in Mysore/Bangalore you can easily find Continental-Restaurants. Continental foods have very different tastes but we with extra chilli and salt can Indianise it. :)

3. Home Made Food: I miss home made food. Karela by Mummy, Udad dal from Dadi... actually everything.

4. Maggi: I guess, Maggi is favourite food of hostellers. I can survive on Maggi for days. New flavours of Maggi are good. 

5. Dhabas Dal Tadka: The oily, masaledar food in Dhabas. I just love Dal-Tadka there. Generally when we travel by overnight buses, we eat Dal-Tadka and Tandoori Roti at 1 am. Its not hygienic, but tasteful. 

Bonus. Coffee: I know, I know, people will not put coffee in foods but Its my weakness. Some people need marijuana to focus, whisky to sleep or beer to survive and  I need coffee to open my eyes! 

Cappuccino (just confirmed spelling from Google! :P ) is good, Caffe Latte is better.