Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and understand emotions, have empathy for others, and to be able to reflectively regulate emotions so as to enhance one's life emotionally as well as intellectually. 
In today's environment, civil services work within following challenges:
1) fast changing social and structural values.
2) Increasing regional, economic and digital divide. 
3) rising population and unemployment.
4) increased awareness of masses + simultaneous existence of voiceless marginalised poor. Add to it the proliferation of ICT, there's a greater chance of small issues to get politicised easily and quickly.
Therefore, it is important for a civil servant to be emotionally intelligent to easily manoeuvre through such difficult situations.
In civil services emotional intelligence can help in three ways :
1) to achieve amicable work environment - one gets the ability to gain a holistic approach and see long terms effects of one's actions; develop greater interpersonal skills; finding healthy ways to handle negative feelings by means of better communication.
2) Improvement in behaviour and performance of individual workers - it enables one to be motivated and motivate better; enhance group dynamics in terms of cooperation, collaboration and building bonds; he has the ability to appreciate diversity and value of others.
3) Improvement in organizational performance - a person equipped with good EQ has better leadership qualities as he knows when and how to lead and when to follow; he's the ability to be a change catalyst and maintain focus at the goal throughout.

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