Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Benefits of increased Foreign Direct Investment limit in insurance sector

  • Increased Insurance Penetration– With the population of more than 100 crores, India requires Insurance more than any other nation. However, the insurance penetration in the country is only around 3 percent of our gross domestic product with respect to over-all premiums underwritten annually. This is far less as compared to Japan which has an insurance penetration of more than 10 percent. Increased FDI limit will strengthen the existing companies and will also allow the new players to come in,thereby enabling more people to buy life cover.
  • Level Playing Field – With the increase in foreign direct investment to 49 percent, the insurance companies will get the level playing field. So far the state owned Life Corporation of India controls around 70 percent of the life insurance market.
  • Increased Capital Inflow – Most of the private sector insurance companies have been making considerable losses. The increased FDI limit has brought some much needed relief to these firms as the inflow of more than 10,000 crore is expected in the near term.This could go up to 40,000 crore in the medium to long term, depending on how things pan out.
  • Job Creation –With more money coming in, the insurance companies will be able to create more jobs to meet their targets of venturing into under insured markets through improved infrastructure, better operations and moremanpower.
  • Favorable to the Pension Sector –If the pension bill is passed in the parliament then the foreign direct investment in the pension funds will also be raised to 49 percent. This is because the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Bill links the FDI limit in the pension sector to the insurance sector.
  • Consumer Friendly – The end beneficiary of this amendment will be common men. With more players in this sector, there is bound to be stringent competition leading to competitive quotes, improved services and better claim settlement ratio.