Tuesday, March 31, 2015

8 Fears

In this challenge the thing we think less is asked more. I guess that's the real 'challenge' in this. Eight Fears. We rarely think of such things, at least I rarely did. Filhal, writing this post after thinking my fears for total two hours in span of 3 days.

1. Loosing dear ones: Very common, Sabko Darr Lagta hai.

2. Dromophobia: The irrational fear that, crossing street will cause bodily harm. Crossing roads is a challenge for me and I googled to know its name :)

3. Nomophobia: Its the fear of loosing mobile: NO MObile Phobia. Actually for me its not in the same meaning; its like, I ll get lost somewhere and ll be unable to contact.

4. Fear of Falling from Height i.e. Acrophobia.

5. I guess I have one different kind of fear: fear from government. I have trust in democracy and constitution but not in the government. Irrespective of ruling party, Central governments did anything to remain in power, from Emergency to Reservations to Love Jihad, there are many things from past and present governments did to retain power.

6. Everyone fears from change and hesitate in taking initiative; me too.

7. Falling in love and loosing it again.

8. Sometimes I loose confidence in front of more intelligent or physically more strong person. Whatever we call it, fear or anything... whatever but its not god.