Friday, January 16, 2015

Voting Rights to NRI

A democracy is always defined by the freedom enjoyed by the people in selecting their leaders.The makers of the constitution understood it clearly and included it in the Fundamental Rights.
Prior to 2010,one who resides within the domestic boundaries of the country could only vote.However,an excellent measure via Article 20A ,RPA was taken in 2010 by which an NRI migrated temporarily for offIcial or other reasons could cast his vote.But,the voter needed to be physically present in India to cast his vote.This somewhat lowered the institution of legislature.
Recent measures by the Govt include:
1)The Election commisSion in collaboration with MEA,Law Ministry etc proposes to Amend article 20A, RPA,2010 by which the voter need not be physically present
2)Options of E-Ballot,Postal Ballot taken into consideration.
Critics claim that only people influenced by the domestic factors and whose vote deters their functioning be allowed to vote.However,its a flawed claim in this century of Cross-Border migration with Job & Educational aspirations on the rise.
Many countries have adopted this measure already."Better late than never",this move will surely deepen our democracy via 
1)More Citizen participation in deciding their future
2)Higher voter turnout thereby strengthening the democratic setup
3)Create a sense of responsibilty among Leaders who wish to stand for election as their rule will be viewed globally by the Indian Diaspora.
4)Instill a sense of Belongingness towards the nation

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