Friday, January 16, 2015

Cold War 2.0

After the disintegration of erstwhile USSR, a large no. of political thinkers hoped for a "global village". But sadly their expectation remained a chimera . NATO & EU expansion are largely to be blamed for this newly evolving COLD WAR 2.0..
1. NATO ,despite the disappearance of WARSAW Pact, has existed & its gradually spreading its tentacles.
2. Due to the increasing presence of NATO along the eastern border of Russia, the later is ostensibly feeling vulnerable. 
3. Also entry of Baltic countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are scuttling Russian dream of establishing the grand "Eurasian economic union".
4. The sanctions of EU on Russia, are making these inclusions more bitter for the latter. EU is the largest oil & natural gas customer of the Russia.
5. It will also deter the Moscow's hegemony on the neighbouring nations.
6. Thus as per the theory of "Prisoner's dilemma", Russia is also behaving in more aggressive manner. Annexation of Crimea & continuous interference in eastern Ukraine are aggravating the situation.
7. The sanctions on Moscow is also not auguring well for India ,as it is paving way for defence partnership between Pakistan- Russia.
Thus after 23 years of apparent detente, it seems cold war has again revived. Its imperative for the involving nation to shun hubris & play more constructive role.

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