Thursday, January 15, 2015

environment and pollution law

Existing environment and pollution law:
1. It mandates "consent to establish"(CTE) certificates from state pollution control boards for setting up of industry, changing output or any technological modification and is valid for a limited time.
2. This is time consuming because of the limited resources of the state boards and the increasing number of industries.
3. It further tangles businesses in bureaucratic red tape, thus hampering the ease of doing business.
Proposed modifications:
1. Do away with certification and implement self certification and self regulation.
2. Random scrutiny, inspections and audits by a third party.
3. Increased penalties for violation of norms.
4. It will bring uniformity to state laws, as some states require certification, and some dont.
1. Avoid the bureaucratic red tape 
2.Better utilization of human resource in state pollution boards.
3. Third party audits may enforce better accountability and reduce sources of corruption.
Opposition from environmentalists:
1. Self certification will increase flouting of norms as inspection after setting up industries may be useless.
2. There is no point of certification when industry has already been setup.
So, even though cutting down on bureaucratic red tape is the need for the hour, transparent third party audits and procedures can minimize the risk of flouting of norms which ensuring faster developmental efforts.

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