Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nutrino Project

INO project which has chosen Bodil hills On Stable rocks of Western Ghats has gained criticism and caused Inordinate delay since 2000. It would be Pertinent to Discuss under Concerns of Society , Scientific facts and Benefits to India from this project 
~Neutrino are sub atomic electrically neutral abundant , tiny non radioactive mass, formed by either Atmospheric Cosmic rays or by Neutrino factories .Such are fundamental particles .It is of three type electrons tau ,muon of which mass hierarchy is unknown as so is its conversion. Such low energy jhamrless passes every second and which is proposed to be evaluated by Iron magnetised calorimeter.
Concerns of Society/Petitioners
1 Such neutrino is being used for Nuclear weapons ,radioactivity ,
2 factory produced Neutrinos may be harmful Vis a vis to Atmopsheric neutrinos
3 Possibility of disaster and damage to people working at site due to high dosage of radiating
4Can damage acquifiers ,chemical presence in groundwater flows and Charnockite may get damaged due to it which is aquifers 
5It may harm rivers like periyar vaigai etc ,as it's source is such Acquifiers in Bodi hills 
6 Possibility of earth quake as happened due to Other labs 
7 High energy beam will be used 
Scientific facts 
1 Neutrinos are harmless and objective is to learn only neutrino through angle of Origin of universe . No strategic ,Nuclear, radioactivity purpose. Alternatively Neutrino may be potent tool to stop nuclear proliferation
2 Whether atmospheric or Factory made, will have same properties whites harmless its analogy can be taken as Photon produced from sun And bulb light are same and we use them both
3 100 trillion neutrinos passes every second from our body . Still for radiation purpose or High energy beam Of neutrinos adequate safeguards and experiment in remote areas is done .
4 Charnockinte is not aquifer but a rock mass . Also about their allegations/concerns MOEF also observed baseless, factually incorrect . Such usage of words may have intent to misled judge , or create doubt among community of civilians
5 Concerns of river also false as all 3 river are rained and no connection with acquire
6 Region selected is stable rock while Region with which comparison is made is techtonically active and also have karst region of limestone presence . Also wrong connection between Earthquake and Lab presence has been used 
7 high energy beam of photon is used as laser in everyday life , Despite it hazards Known. However Neutrino beam will be shielded [also it is harmless]
1 Can answer Universe origins , Neutrino oscillations [ one type of neutrino to morph in another type.tau to electron is not known while rest are known] . it is fundamental particle thus 
2 mass hierarchy question between 3 types of neutrinos will be known and further properties
Overall there is already much time wasted. Govt and authorities must develop consensus among people with FAQ , sheets ,seminars in order to hasten the Operations

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