Sunday, February 22, 2015

India Israel Relations

Starting from 1991 with the break-up of Soviet Union and end of Cold War, Indo-Israel relations have improved substantially.
1. Defence sector has been guiding light in the development of relations.
2. From Buyer-Seller relationship, today India and Israel are moving towards Joint production of defence equipment, which dove tails well into India's 'Make in India' initiative and attaining strategic independence in defence equipment.
3.Relations are diversified to also include agriculture, nano-technology, space research and a understanding on counter-terrorism.
The above reasons and huge good will that India generates among Israeli population makes one to call them 'Natural Allies'.
But India should continue it's Multi-vectored approach towards its diplomacy and build multiple alliances and resist the temptation to call Israel as its natural ally because of the following reasons.
1. Iran, the Israel's natural enemy is the only possible land route to india to reach the resource rich Central Asia in case the situations in Afghanistan goes against Indian interests.
2, The presence of huge Muslim population in India requires it to maintain good relations with Arab world, which opposes Israel.
3. India needs the help of Saudi Arabia as much as Israel to counter terrorism.
4. Human right violations of Israel in Gaza and west Bank might become a head ache for India, which is so far a principled supporter of Palestine cause.
so for the above reasons, India's national interest is better served by building multiple alliances and leverages than proclaiming Isreal as its natural ally.

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