Sunday, February 8, 2015

bureaucrat : Challenges and pblms

Lack of security of tenure for important posts in India had greatly hampered the morale and efficiency of civil service. Discuss. Suggest measures to address this issue.

The life of any bureaucrat is comprised of a wide array of activities such as decision making,
formulating plans for action, implementing them, monitoring progress, evaluating feedback etc. All of these require time which varies greatly depending upon the type of project. For the past few years there have been several instances of surprise transfers of public servants. Reasons for such transfers are sometimes vague and unacceptable.
1 Political interference : is a major cause of transfers and suspensions of civil servants. Some politicians who wish to have everything done their own way prefer to have dummy bureaucrats that they can bribe and control.
2 Corporate influence : Political parties that depend on large corporates to fund massive electorial campaigns are obliged to return the favour and when sincere officers attempt to protect interests of the common people, they are hastily relocated
1 Impact on the Nation : Important social and economic projects begin with a vision and a change in leadership may lead to four major problems a) Distorted view of the goal that needs to be achieved b) new appointee will need time to understand and absorb the project to reach his predecessors level of efficiency c) lack of experience of the replacement officer regarding the project leads to unwanted delays and related complications d) Forceful and unexpected change in leadership creates a negative ripple effect on the efficiency of the assignment
2 Impact on the Officer : a) Officer morale is affected when he is not given an opportunity to complete the task that he has begun b) Uncertainty of tenure leads to fear and instability that may adversely impact performance at work c) Instability of tenure causes inefficiency due to de-motivation when honest officers are punished instead of being rewarded
1 Strict official norms need to be adhered to in situations relating to transfer of civil sevants. Detailed explainations stating reason and cause for the transfer need to be provided to the officer.
2 Unacceptable incidents of officers informed of their transfer/dismissal through government and media publications need to be legally dealt with. Every civil servant deserves to be given due notice before publishing the event to media houses.
Civil servants are the lifeline of a healthy democratic society. They are the caretakers of the peoples interests who implement ambitious political mandates. A confident, sincere and uncorrupt bureaucracy is essential for the development of India as a world power.

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