Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act

Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act (KLB) which is also known as The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 is an act that authorizes release of 1.5 billion USD each year as non-military aid to Government of Pakistan from 2010 to 2014. It significantly increase the civil aid given to the country compared to the previous aids given. The Act requires the US administration to certify that Pakistan is “cooperating with the United States in counter-terrorism efforts" against the like of Haqqani Network, Taliban and Al Qaeda, and other domestic and foreign terrorist organizations”.
• Criteria and Contention
The U.S. insisted on effort to combat al Qaeda and Taliban but "not insist that Pakistan shut down its support for all militant groups including and those groups operating in India and Kashmir, the amount and ineffectiveness of aid donated between 2002 and 2008 (11.2 billion USD, of which 8 billion USD was militarily related) more money will not solve the issue. The US house of representatives' foreign relation committee has already proposed defunding the Act. India has been very vocal about these ineffectiveness and criteria for not including all the terror organization which find Pakistan's soil as safe heavens and operate against India.
• Certification vs Waivers
The basis for the release of the Aid is certification from US to the Pakistan government that it is complying with the norm laid down in the Act to curb spread of terrorism from its soil. For releasing the funds, the US administration needed a certification or a national interest waiver. US has issued full certification only in 2011 in other year it employed the national interest waiver to continue with the Aid. This clearly goes against the motives with which Act was conceived. So fund are not at all channelized through the KLB act. India has raised concerns about this way
functioning as it invokes undue confidence in Pakistan in term of their relationship with US.
• Accountability and Diversion of Funds
India has strongly put up its concern about the possibility that Pakistan may be diverting resources towards combat operations on its eastern border as deployment of its troop on any other side make it redundant.
Evident from various reports about misappropriation of fund since 2002 India endorses an accountable
method of providing Aid to Pakistan.

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