Tuesday, January 13, 2015


holocaust is "racial cleansing" that is aimed at "providing final solution" to the Jewish race. It was advocated by "German Nazi" party's head "Adlof Hitler". It is an example for "racial terrorism" and "corrupted society". At the end of the game nearly 5 million jewish people got killed. more over the tensions were at high voltage.
reasons behind-
1. Germany was "cheated" and "cruelly oppressed" at the end of world war 1 via "Versailles treaty". german people had frustration with them.
2. Germans faced severe "weimer inflation", the first instance of hyper inflation in the modern times due to "war indemnities". the future of the nation was at risk.
3. the people lost employment due to restriction of size of army. 
4. in such a circumstances the Jewish people are living "relatively comfortable" due to economic advantages, and are gaining the "support of the west". most of them are acting as "money lenders" to German people. the employment opportunities were also with Jewish people. this led to competition. German's "frustration at this point is diverted towards Jewish" people by a few advocates like Hitler. "even the state executed the holocaust". as a result millions of jewish people got killed illegitimately.
1. fears surrounded the jewish people.
2.millions of jewish people got killed.
3. the German race was consolidated a bit further and started claiming "purity". this helped them more victories in second world war. "race mania" was the end result.
4.feared jewish people searched for safe lands. this concurred with "zionist movement". this led to "mass exodus" of Jews into Israels region. this led to "Israel- palestein conflict" that is claiming lives of innocents even till today.
5. one of causes to second world war.
all in all, the reasons for holocaust was Frustration in German race and the consequences were ultimately adverse. the only positive out come is - world got an example to illustrate what happens if a society corrupts.

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