Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prometheus (2012) | Short Review

In 2012 I thought of watching this film, when it was over hyped and people watched it again and again but after almost 27 months I got the chance to watch it. Prometheus is some kind of different film for Indians but a normal sci-fi for people there is USA. I don't understand why people  (at least Hollywood) there searching for origin of HUMAN, even Darwin 150 years back already said, we are derived from monkeys. This is one of same kind of story where Human in future (in 2089) found some evidence in Scotland and by logic combined it with approx same findings from other places of ancient civilizations got result that human came from a planet of another solar system having same conditions like earth! Finally in 2090s they reach that planet with one extra-smart human-like robot ( Michael Fassbender as David ). This was a privately funded mission by an about-to-die old billionaire Mr. Vickers who supposed to be dead.

So many things happened on that planet to run  the story ( like aliens DNA matched 100% from human! ) and finally they found that one alien is alive inside 'tomb'. Now surprisingly people found that, Mr. Vickers is alive and came here to get more life by requesting it from alien (So, It was a avarice of a billionaire to buy more years!). Atleast lead scientist of mission Ms. Shaw had logical query- 'Why they created us?' 

Story ends at killing that alien with 'tomb' (that was a plane actually), because they got to know ki alien's plan was to kill earth! Shaw revived injured robot and flied to aliens-real-land with another query- 'Why first they created than want to destroy us?' with possibility of another part.

So, there is story in the film but lacks in logic. As usual they came with good graphics and i think there would be good 3D effects. Music is average script is normal. 

Overall a watchable film at least for US kids coz they don't have fictions like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Jatakas.

Watch For Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender

Do not watch if you are fed up of alien-formula of Hollywood.

My Rating 74%

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