Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mulholland Drive (2001) | Short Review

Some films need to watch more than one to understand them, Mulholland Drive is one of those. A experimental mystery-film by Director David Lynch Mulholland Drive have Naomi 
watts as main lead. Music is a plus point as director himself has a good taste of music and screenplay is a plus point, may be coz of interest of director in literature. 

Story starts with and accident at Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles with character (Harring) survived from accident but lost her memory...... rest of the story im not telling here coz anyone can read from Wikipedia.....

Last half an hour of film is crucial.... you need to watch carefully to understand the story. The scene in opera is little pakau still need to watch... its a main part of the story... first i skipped it and later realized its importance.

Few scenes are very good in the film... the innocence on Watts's face is watchable. She looked bful as usual.

The first film i watched starring Laura Harring. She is bful and justified her character. 

Watch if you want to watch a different film. for Naomi Watts.

Do not watch if you don't want to take  headache of understanding story or if you don't like a mystery film. 

My Rating 83%

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