Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ten day you challenge--post 1. Ten secrets.

These are my last days on this blog, after few days i am will be busy in 'the-outside-world' with my job and after-college-problems, so sharing something different, not creative but totally about me.

Found this on someone's blog, going to follow it

DAY 10: Ten Secrets

1. Even I said there is nothing like god or spirituality but I am spiritual and trust on god, May be just  coz it gives me confidence but jo bhi hai, I've trust on god.

2. I hate the people who says 'tum ye karo, tum wo karo.' Actually, fact  is nobody required your advise.

3. I am not a fitness buff.

4. I am in love, but dont wanna marry her, coz i want her happiness.

5. I wanna feel touch of  'Your' hand forever.

6. I've fear of dying in a road accident, may be thats why I unable to ride.

7. I like up & downs in life, so dont want any status, level. I am impressed from Aamir Khan's character in 'Mumbai Diaries'

8. I really want  to improve my English.

9. I've tried to kill myself. But that was back when I was f**king frustrated due to what not achieved.

10. I dont like people saying 'vaqt badal gya hai, nyi peedi achhi nhi hai.' Actually you should accept the truth, this generation is better than older, at least they are straight foreword and believe on equality.


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