Saturday, April 2, 2016

Medical Council of India (MCI)

The Medical Council of India (MCI) is a statutory body for establishing uniform and high standards and norms of medical education in India. It grants recognition of medical qualifications, gives accreditation to medical schools, grants registration to medical practitioners and monitors medical practices in India. Recently it has suffered from the following problems:
>There have been cases of colleges getting accreditation on basis of money without proper checks, even if facilities and faculties exist only on paper. This is due to vested corporate interests.
>The president of the MCI was arrested on charges of corruption raising questions on its efficacy.
>Cases of medical seats being sold in private institutions raise questions on the quality of the students. Such students are not chosen on merit and hence may indulge in malpractices like bribery, improper treatment, etc.
>Lack of transparency on its functioning has reduced its accountability thus giving leeway to corrupt practices.
>Separation of its functions, i.e. a separate body for accreditation (recommended National Medical Council), another for undergraduate and postgraduate training, assessment of institutions and medical ethics.
>Its members should include people from non medical fields and community health experts, so that public interests are promoted.
>Stricter accreditation standards with regular monitoring to ensure only quality institutions get accredited.
>Strict monitoring mechanisms to ensure that there is no corruption in medical schools.
>Transparency through publishing reports in order to increase accountability.
>An exit test, to ensure uniform standards among medical professionals can be introduced.
With these reforms, the quality of medical institutions, practitioners and medical practices will be improved.

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