Monday, March 7, 2016


Conscience help us to restrict ourselves from any wrongful doing. It help us to distinguish between right and wrong, just and unjust.
But conscience is not the inner knowledge of right and wrong. It is based on our life experience, social norms which defines right and wrong rather than our logic and reason.
For examples. we can take female genital mutation, child marriages, polygamy etc which are prevalent in many societies therefor these are not considered as unjust or wrong in these societies, and hardy put any pressure on conciseness of people from these societies before committing these actions.
Many times conscience compels us to justify our actions.. even if reasons and ethics indicate otherwise. At individual and social level it can be improved through evolution and moral education. But many times it remains underdeveloped. Conscience based decision can seems right and just but if thee decisions are not accompanied with reason and ethics, these can adversely affect one and others.
But it is a necessary devices to maintain the basic level ethics of human being, if we can not come with reasons in some instances, where taking immediate decision is necessary, Conscience can at east stop one to take any action which is considered wrong.

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