Monday, February 29, 2016


Right to education mandates no detention provision (NDP) and CCE at the elementary school stage. They aim to address the problems of high drop out rates, inequality,educational load etc.
Why such provisions were added..
NDP provision is made as compelling a child to repeat a class is demotivating and discouraging whereas CCE is a procedure that will be non threatening, releases the child from fear and trauma of failure etc.
Why NDP and CCE has become controversial..
A. This policy has led to lackadaisical attitude with there no risk of failing 
B.. No distinction between good or bad students.
C.. Sharp fall in learning outcomes and academic level. 
D.. The CCE has failed to take off in most schools owing to lack of basic capacity and awareness.
What can be done..
A.. counselling to ascertain the reasons why a child is failing constantly. 
B.. Learning capacity,achievements and progress of a student should be measured from time to time by conducting tests.
C.. Additional classes or special coaching for children who are weak in studies. 
D.. Teacher training programmes must be revised in line with the requirements of CCE.
To conclude.. measuring the learning level outcomes of all children on catalyzing a performance and rewarding high performers at every level, changing stakeholders mindset and preparing them for new provisions in which parents are made accountable for full attendance of their children..

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