Monday, September 14, 2015

Objectivity: Objectivity means taking decisions based upon established facts and figures
rather than personal opinion or bias. In the times of extreme usage of social
media and messaging services like Whatapp, there has been a tremendous increase
in posts increasing social and communal tensions. Exercising objectivity would
help in avoiding needless disharmony in the society.
Integrity: Integrity means being upright in all situations even when there is no one to
oversee you. For example, a Panchayat headman has some funds at his discretion.
His integrity reflects from the fact whether he deploys these fund in a just
and equitable manner to benefit maximum number of people.
Morals: Morals are the value system that is the product of our family and the society. Peace,
non-violence are some of the cornerstone morals of India.
Ethical Dilemma: Ethical dilemma is a situation where one is torn apart among different
courses of action because of contradiction between 1. his moral and ethical
values and the legal precedents; 2. Two sets of moral values.
For example you witness a road accident on your way to an appointment. Now you’re
in a dilemma whether to be punctual or help the wounded people.
Values: Values are the codes that are imbibed in us by our family, school, society and
nation. These are the guiding light to decide upon the ethicality of a particular
course of action that we take. For example, when we help an old aged lady to
cross the road, this small act of kindness emanates from the value system that
we have inherited.

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