Friday, June 12, 2015

Ethics in Governance

Ethics in Governance means implementing Gandhian, Socialism and Intelligent thinking in Governance where Constitution is silent. In simple words, bringing welfare, justice and equality toward lesser able and lesser aware people through governance.
Right to Information 2005 is an act that not only provides “Right to Know” to applicant (public) but also make government or government funded authority more accountable.
Ethics in Governance includes:
--1. Transparency.
--2. Time bound delivery
--3. Equal and Affordable access of Government facilities to everyone
RTI brings Transparency through letting applicant know his queries about progress, status, reasons and any related information about task authority is undertaking. Time bound reply rule brings more accountability to keep records intact about any and every information. Hence Transparency and timebound delivery enhanced.
Without RTI, it is hard to find the information about our rights and entitlement any government agency owes us. Especially for poor and lesser educated person. Now with RTI he can access information with nominal fees of 10 rupees and even with e-portal irrespective of his location and physical accessiblity.

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