Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moral Bank of China

As it goes What gets measured Gets managed.Recent Chinese Initiative of the Morality bank is based on Promotion, Encouragement of good Deeds, and community service in an Credit based/points based system. Various and Different level of awards are accorded to various humanistic and altrustic deeds for instance donation of Blood ,Stem cells are kept at higher level considering the greater number of accident and requirements for the Same . Such Carefully designed and neatly Packed Product Based Generosity "Accounts" may create the awareness aiming the Individuals about various Cooperation required in the society which otherwise would have been neglected/avoided. Such points /credits are redeemable for services like health, Personnel etc . It Is based on the Principle that rewarding for Performance or Deeds Motivates the individuals to perform[ Perform as more huma] in a Better way
It is difficult to say whether it will work here or not as many experiments worked abroad may not have worked in India. However one must not be Discouraged or refrain from implementing . It should be taken as project by administrator and rewards on basis of points can be used. Recently Good Samaritan law passed can be well synced to the Points/credit based system
In addition to it Points can be used as Electoral campaign and thereby creating morality in political sphere , such can help in generating greater people Participation and less expenditure on the advertisement in the Elections . Also while positive points are given negative points can/should be awarded for say VIP culture, misusing /embezzling the funds /graft issues . Thus People with good political image shall win which until now is mainly on Money and power in campaigns.
In sum Such experiment is win win Situation In carious spheres

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