Friday, April 3, 2015

7 Wants

'Want' means 'desire for something' and Vedas says-

"आशायाः ये दासाः ते दासाः सर्वलोकस्य ।

  आशा येषां दासी तेषां दासायते लोकः ॥"

Means those who are slaves of desire are slaves of entire world. They may be true but I still want many things in my life, still want to do/visit/buy/purchase things, and here is my list-

1. Dream: I have and I want it. Actually its more than a Want.

2. A Royal Enfield: My friend have one and  after sitting as pillion for many times, now feeling like I have desire for my own.

3. A home with self-designed interior, coloured theme, lawn, a big library and reading room.

4. To Publish My Book.

5. To Learn Guitar: New in the list.

6. Listen to good music from around the world

7. Learn Painting and paint something big.

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