Sunday, March 29, 2015

9 Loves

Every day we add and delete something from us. They may be memories, knowledge, people or anything. So, writing your likes/dislikes at least once in a year is necessary coz it shows your progress, promotion/demotion of healthy thoughts in you and gives idea about your general perception. Filhal, I wrote '10 Days Challenge' approx 4 years back and writing again.

1. Family: Everyone loves their family but when you are far away, you realise it more. I am living away from parents since age of 10 and Everyday I feel like, I want to live remaining years with them. Few Close Relatives included in my "Family'.

2. Friends: In last four years I deleted some, added few new friends and felt more attached to them. I realised the fact that- this is the relation we mutually make on basis of our similarities and likes/dislikes.

3. Reading/Writing: I love reading to know things, to get knowledge, since collecting knowledge about different things and participating in different quizzes is my passion.
                       For me, Writing is something that is necessary like food or air. I know, I am not a good writer/poet but one thing I know for sure- I am learning and continuously improving.

4. Travelling and Photography: My new love. I explored south, now want to visit east and whole north, including small villages with historical significance.
                      Photography is something I am still learning.

5. Drawing and Painting: Like Writing, sometimes I feel painting/drawing as important as food.

6. Mussoorie: Its my dream.

7. Days @Infy: Its the place where I enjoyed the most, realised my dream and found the meaning of friendship.

8. School and School Days: The place where i spent crucial 7 years of my life! Best teacher and many lessons for life.

9. A Girl: Ek Chashme Wali Ladki!

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