Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solar Power

Being a tropic and Subtropic country ,where solar insolation received is capable to provide cost effectiveness to Solar tech, it is imperative for India to focus on Solar mission , and fulfil task of 2022 100GW,. With Neighbour China target to reach 7Gw every years , India cannot afford to loose this battle . For it to Succeed it need to focus 3 major areas and do the required efforts to fulfil it
1 Speed - In 7 years to touch 100GW mark , that is capacity to be doubled every one and half year. Requires govt swift policies, Advanced price/ tariffs acknowledgment ,Low interest debt finance or Equity finance , green Bonds issued recently by Yes banks , Green bank from National clean energy fund can be used .
~Land which is 3-4% of total cost , Gujrat //KA initiative of Lease bank, raj 25 lease, Mp stamp duty exemption can be used to Encourage entrepreneurs
2Scale - with Such ambitious target , it requires Use of roof top projects, Solar projects spread on wetland via canister, Net metering German policy , Micro grid or decentralised electricity , Solar lantern instead of Kerosene Subsidy .Green corridors of Gujrat and TN can be extended.
3 Skill - With NSDA ,and recent records from 2011 -2014 24k jobs were created , Such can increase to 1.3 million jobs both full time and part time . Also efficient use of land Like in recent canal top project in gujrat can serve as Encouragement for Skill development
green bank, Exchange swap , Easy exit policies , renewable purchase obligation , can help in boosting the Investment. For every 3 Gw , 1 Bn import of Solar is required this could be minimised by R&D , improving domestic competitiveness, reducing import dependence. Large government procurement order For instance similar to LED procurement& distribution Scheme in Delhi and Deen dayal yojana caused to decrease price to 120 from 400 rupees.
~Banks shall be encouraged for Solar finance , and People in area of greater Solar insolation shall be motivated to use it .

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