Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bio fuels

Bio fuels are liquid fuels obtained directly from plants and animal matters due to carbon fixation of geological past. the various generations of bio fuels are listed below..popular form of bio fuels are bio gas; bio diesel.vegetable oil.syngas etc
directly use the food crops like wheat and sugar for ethanol and oil seeds for bio diesel by conventional method of fermentation...
green house emission more...
here non- food crops used instead of food crops in first generation wood ;organic waste etc
used specially engineared algae and its bio mass used to convert into bio fuels;; here green house emission will be low compared to others
since first generation completely depends on food directly the volume of food grains directing away from food market and been focusing on energy every country is energy starved and good remuneration for farmers every one attracting to energy production..
with the third generation bio fuels the advantages are:
1)the algae are cultured to act as a low-cost
, high-energy and entirely renewable feedstock
2)t algae will have the potential to produce more energy per acre than conventional crops.
3) Algae can also be grown using land and water unsuitable for food production, therefore reducing the strain on already depleted water sources
4). algae based biofuels is that the fuel can be manufactured into a wide range of fuels such as diesel, petrol and jet fuel.
the fourth generation bio fuel which will further yet to reduce green house emission..itz a ray of hope for human kind for nurturing sustaninable development for upcoming generations

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