Monday, January 5, 2015


National institute for transforming India (NITI) Aayog was initiated with 
cabinate resolution is Bharathiya approach to development which is transformed from government resoluted Planning commission to enhance cooperative governance between centre and state to ensure sustainable growth of economy.
1. Government bodies are chaired by Prime minister.
2.The governing councils have chief ministers and lieutenant governors of Union territories.
3.The deputy chairman were appointed by Prime minister.
i. Develop mechanisms for village level plans and aggregate these plans progressively at national level.
ii. Recommends national agenda with assessment and factors which retard economic development.
iii. To make appropriate recommendations for facilitating its duties .
a) Regional council of Aayog consists of PM,CM ,incontrast to Planning commission to resolve certain issues.
b) NITI has part time members where as Planning commission has full time members and experts from outside government.
c) participative development agenda stressing on empowerment and equality is the guiding principle behind NITI Aayog and ensures every individual enjoy and aspire to lead a better life.
d) The Aayog will serve as a think-tank for the government and will provide suggestions for the economy, including the private sector. 
e) The Aayog will also offer a platform for resolution of inter-sectoral and inter-departmental issues to accelerate the implementation of the country's development agenda where as planning commission resoluted
to specialized sectoral area.
Above all ,Since 6 decades Planning commission was supreme body in Assessing and formulating plans resulted in balanced development of nation in diverse aspects.The composition of Planning commission has experts and full time experienced people even from
outside government will make organization more transparent and
accountable.So.better to reorgansise existed one rather than creating new one .

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