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Indus Valley Civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization

To what extent has the urban planning and culture of the Indus Valley Civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization? Discuss. 

Indus valley civilization is known as the urban civilization because of the town planning and architecture. Cities in Indus vallley has the proper drainage system just below the roads similarly we are using nowadays. The house planning was also has impact even today. They have pucca-bricks houses with planning and having rectangular rooms with bathroom in each house. The warehouse and great baths found in sites are beautifully designed are examples of social rituals and storage system. Even nowadays we use warehouses and have common places to take bath and rituals.

Civilization was well developed and they were using copper, clay pottery and different ornaments; domesticated animals like sheep, pig, goat and dogs.

In Dholavira there is water reserve foundfor the water supply.

Indus valley civilization provided inputs for urban civilization as we are planning our houses having planing for drainage systems and making pucca houses with security. Such things are inputs from Indus civilization.

---Another Answer----

Indus valley is the source of innumerable elements that enrich the modern day civilisation.
Systematic town planning
The scientific construction of building using baked brick in indus valley is an ingredient to modern day urbanization planning.
Drainage system
The sewage water system of this civilisation is mind-blowing. The drains connected with bathroom is an aspect of modern day sewage system.
Sanity and cleanliness
The style of bathroom of harappan civilisation with standing bath system is similar to modern day urbanization sanitary system.
Sanity and cleanliness
The large brick slabs that covered the sewers of indus valley drainage gives inputs to modern day urbanization.
The trade of lapis lazuli; cotton and other export and import commodities with mesopotemia; sumeriyan is origin of modern day commerce.
Clustered buildings
The workers building of harappa resembles to coolie lines of modern day tea estates in structure.
Importance of water and sanctity
The strong belief of sanctity of water by harappans resembles to the belief of south indians who keep water tank in temples is a cultural input to modern day civilisation as south indian temples are centre of urbanized process.
The pigtail hair and other jewelleries of indus valley women resembles to modern day fashion of women.
Use of Carpentry;pottery;seal;stone
The use of all these three elements in harappan civilisation gives similarity to modern day use of decoration; amulet etc.
Use of citadel
The citadel of harappan provides ingredients to to the modern day social structure.

From the site of Kalibangan the evidence of ploughed field is found which is relevant in the modern days too as well system of canals was present in sites of afghanistan which is similar in present scenario also.

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