Friday, January 9, 2015

Educated generations in jihad

 “In both Afghanistan and Pakistan, a new generation of jihadis is emerging which is more radical, better educated, and deeply committed to jihad .” Critically analyse the factors that are luring them towards jihad and terrorist activities.

Jihad or “holy war” has transformed from religious battles in medieval history to a justification for terror mongers to perpetrate violence . This has been largely created by misinterpretation of holy texts by unscrupulous factions of the society. In recent years we have seen a rise in educated youngsters falling into the trap of religious fundamentalism. The following reasons have caused such a trend in Afghanistan and Pakistan
1 Brainwashing of gullible adolescents and teenagers in schools, places of religious studies and in some cases at homes of radicalised elders.
2 Due to high unemployment rates, desperate youngsters are made to believe that death while contributing to jihad is a glorified death and are guaranteed rest in heaven.
3 Smart youngsters who are loyal to the jihadi cause are provided with funds to receive foreign education which will help their social standing. This in turn helps authenticate the ideologies they preach to the common man.
4 Media and technology, especially the internet has provided terror outfits a platform to access and influence thoughts and minds of the middle and upper classes through radical material.
5 Educated youngsters with vested interests take a liking to jihad as a means for attaining power and political influence.
6 Mentally disturbed qualified people use religion as an excuse to plunder masses and create a situation of violence and havoc.
To curb this tendency the affected states have to study situations at the grass root level and government needs to gain liking of the common people before hunting down terror outfits.

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