Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lost in Translation (2003) | Short Review

Lost In Translation film is story of two american characters lost  in alien Japanese culture. But in addition, they are lost in their own lives and relationship. This leads to their blossoming friendship and growing connection with one other.

Bob Harris an aging actor, married for 25 years came to Tokyo to shoot advertisement for a good deal. Charlotte is just-graduated young wife of a celebrity photographer confused about her future. Both are alien to Japanese culture. They both meet in hotel bar and this leads to friendship. Bored due to his work, accepting offer from Charlotte, Harris spend quality time with Charlotte and her local friends. Many events happens and the affection between central characters increases. In the end Harris left from Tokyo sharing a kiss with Charlotte. (Watch it for the full story:P)

Film is directed by Sofia Coppola, daughter of very famous Francis Coppola (Director of The Godfather) and got Academy nomination for direction and won for original screenplay. So, screenplay is good, direction is also good. Music is the thing runs with the story. Some songs are very bful like 'too young', 'alone in Kyoto' 'are you awake?' Some scene from monastery, Kyoto and Harris-Charlotte kiss scene are bful and memorable.

This time I thought of writing a long review but this is kind of film where you end with explaining story.... so, keeping it simple ending here. Haan, Scarlett Johanssons as Charlotte looked very bful and Harris has a very good sense of humour.

Watch if you want to watch a simple-go story. for Sofia's direction. for Bill Murray's acting (as Harris).

Do not watch if you do not like simple-go stories. 

My Rating: 84%

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