Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Ending | Review

Only reason to watch this film was ( even after critics declared it 'flop' ) its story. Its a story of a writer (best selling) who stop working coz he thought ki there is enough to enjoy so why should work! I thought, I ll gain something as writer but forgot that its a Krshna & Raj's film and they never add a single meaningful scene in their films.

Saif Ali Khan is in cool-guy avatar , is a single book wonder who is struggling to survive. Illeana D'cruz as new successful writer, who is enjoying her success. Govinda as typical bollywood hero, Ranvir Shorie as Biwi-se-Bachao character and Preity as Saif's ex GF, Kalki as Saif's current GF and Sif again as his alter ego Yogi. Overall cast is good and anyone can make a hit film from it except director duo. I don't know why they are here in film industry.

Illeana and Saif has common agent and they meet there. Saif gets new assignment as script writer for Govinda's film, hang out with Illeana and Ranvir and story goes on. Dialogue contain many urban dictionary words and few ma-bahen gali and sometimes make you laugh and sometimes you feel- why the fuck is gali is here.

Music is ok ok. None of the song will remain in your mind for so long.

Saif, Govinda and Ranvir did well, Illeana is good and looked bful. Preity is as always justified her small character.

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