Thursday, August 9, 2012

The B-Team

Sometimes in a very low day you want something to energies you, to make you feel alive, for me reading is that tonic. I am sharing some blogs, some people i read. This is not an award, but just a list of few very sensitive people and some blogs, all of them are awesome.

1. Sensitive Chaos- Kanika reading you is like reading a honest teen. Gal, u r rocking, ur photograhy is amazing. 

2.Chaai, paani, etc-  Kuch kahoon, tumhe na chaai, paani sa jaldi jaldi achha likhne ki aadat hai!

3. Shape of my heart- Deepti, It all comes down to one thing. Expressions.

5. Dil Ki Baat -  Doctors are really very Sensitive, if you wanna know just read him. Once start, u will not stop reading him till the last post. 

6. Hathkad- Kishore Chowdhary, i read his stories earlier but on Hathkad i appreciate his poems.

7.Rhythm of Words- The power of imagination makes us infinite. That is why i am talking about this blog.

8. The silence of my Voice- Akanksha dont like chocolates but writing!

9. Echoes of my Heart- Read 'Is Paar, Us Paar', aap samajh jaynge ki yeh blog yhaan kyu hai. 

10. Rashmi Ravija- Simply Superb. :) :)

and finally two people i read most,  JAVED AKHTAR and  GULZAR. They are not names, They are brand ambassadors  of Love, Sorrow, Joy and Nazm, Gazal, Triveni.


Unknown said...

thank you so much vivek :)
it means so much!

rashmi ravija said...

ohoo thanku so much for mentioning my blog n for introducing to sme brilliant links..thanx again :)

Akanksha said...

This is so sweet! =)

Saumya said...

fir se thankyou....:)